Erotic Spirituality

There is nothing in this world that is unspiritual . Every creature, living thing and the seemingly dead items are being enwrought by Creator Consciousness in a more or less expanded version of Itself .
Sexual Energy when being recognized as Spirit includes our highest Potencial for Selfrealization .
Eros is an energetic potencial bringing us into relationship with Nature, Language, Art and the world itself.
Without Eros there would be no mysticism ,  no devotion in any kind of religion .
It is the driving force behind our urge for Oneness.

As Platon said , Eros is the God who brings  the creative mind into Being.
Eros calls forth the aspiration for knowingness , passionately looking for Union with truth .
The passionate search for ( Re) Union is what makes us drive & thrive,  deep down within  we know about our Oneness with all there is , and we want to experience it ! 

While riding the wave back to the Sire (de -sire ) ; physical union is only one way to come to gether in Spirit . We can use our bodies for the purpose of Union, still for the majority of Beings we come into contact with, Union through awareness is to be prefered.

As we realize that our Life energy shows itself in our bodies through our Sexual energy , we can simply stop  hindering the current from its natural circulation . The essential tool here is our breath . As soon as we remind Ourselves to breathe into whatever comes up , fear , anxiety , the need to look away ,to talk nonesence ..we allow o be devoured by Oneness itself .

One of the most painful moments for me, while sharing this world with my Brothers and Sisters come up when Individuals deny our bond and prefer to insist on seperation.
Than I call upon the words of Byron Katie ” I’m very clear that everyone in the world loves me. I just don’t expect them to realize it yet .. ” 














Mastering the Art

  •  ” The Art of living our Sexuality with a Spiritual understanding ” 
  •  ” The Art of being Spiritual as sexual Beings “
  •  ” Expressing Art with a sexual Awareness rooted in Spirituality ”  


 What if we would penetrate and receive each other with the knowledge of who we really are ? What if every woman would be aware of Men’s wounded heart and the relief and healing her breasts and womb can give ? What if each Man would be aware of his magic sword that has the ability to transform Women’s tension into a vibration of peace ? What is the use of  a sexual relationship if it does not reveal the beauty of our spiritual Self ? An embodiment of divine authority , fearlessness and wisdom , for both parties. What if we would be aware that we are sexual beings , that this is the energy that keeps us running , no matter if we meet with the  same gender , opposite, with our family , the  boss or a President ?   We would glory  in our Existence on earth and have fun along the ride ! There would be no suffering of a seemingly separation . We would not try to overcome this suffering through a short bondage , but we would fill us up with fuel and with love .


Whoever sees him or her Self as spiritual or religious and is not aware of our Oneness , of  one energy stream running through us ,knowing it is the Sexual Energy , has not ligned up with home, the source of all that we are . Simple as that .” Every ” Jesus or  Buddha was (is ) aware of that truth . The actor in the Jesus from Nazareth movie by Franco Zeffirelli is one amazing example for the light and connection that shines through our divine body while being a vessel for creative expression , for  translating  nonphysical energies in a unique manner .

Isn’t it time to demonstrate the Mastership that runs through all our veins ? We are no students and have never been in an apprenticeship on earth . We were born as complete Beings , ready to demonstrate our Mastery . Or at least ready and willing to remember it . So let’s BE the truth we came to perform here on stage and fill each other up with our light.

Au revoir & Namasté