Split Open

Are You willing to be split wide open ?

Are you ready for Re – Union ?

Existence is so eager to penetrate us . I feel this force everywhere ..

Fierce . Smooth . Alert .

The heat of Kundalini is lightening me up challenging me to breathe , can You feel Her ?

I hope so , I really do .


Higher and higher our consciousness is rising .

During  the last weeks every bit of darkness greeted me in my own life , wanted to be seen , to be heard .

I  wrapped my loving arms around these  children of mine . It was so challenging . These nagging thoughts , doubting my self-worth .

My deserve ability .

I welcomed them in . I looked at them . I smelled them , I touched them .

I said Thank You .

I am sorry .

I love You .

I  shared my presence with them .

I danced with them . This crazy , ugly , dismantling dance of a wounded warrior .

Now I radiate even more , they say . Yesterday a woman told me I beam massive Intelligence.

I treated the wounds of my stupid girl when she was beaten for giving the wrong answer . I learned to say  ” I don’t know ” without fear .

Have You met Your inner children my friend ?

Have You ever asked them how they feel ?

Have You ever opened the door to this  dark chamber of Yours ?

May you encounter their tears , their rage , their pain …

May they propel You into awakening .

This is a wake up call .

It is spiritual .

It is sexual .

Take a breath from the mountain top my friend and have a look at the bigger picture .

Be receptive . Allow life to take You .

Yes, I know this is a hard one . And the more I understood the big picture , the more peace permeated my life .

I am saying Yes to ALL of Life .  Do You ?

This is the great cosmic Fuck .

Are You willing to wake up my friend ?

The great Union is more orgasmic than anything else You can ever experience in this physical body .

It is possible .

If You are willing to die .

If You give up control .

No more wanting anything .

Cause You have realized

You are IT ALL .


Au revoir & Namasté