The ART of Tantra

Beloved Friend ,

Have You ever wondered what  TANTRA is truly about ?

Is it a complicated breathing technique or a permission slip to have polyamorous relationships and multiple sex partners while feeling spiritual & elevated about it ?

None of it . Much simpler .

It is LIFE .


TANTRA is , if You will , a word as a lable  for

Your capability of breathing while making Love with Life .

You are making Love with Life .

You are allowing Life to permeate You .

You are being taken by Life and You penetrate it with Your own Ideas & Desires, Your consciousness .

This is Cosmic Union . Divine Union . Oneness .


There is no need of having Sex to experience Oneness with an other  being .

Breathe & Feel the rising of your energy.

Let it penetrate Your heart as You allow this energy to continue making Love to the whole Universe .

The UNI – VERSE . All of Us in one verse .