GOD’s invisible Presence

We are  walking Sexual Beings , the way we hold ourselves , the way we move, the way we dance , the art of Love making we perform .

All of this are expressions of our Life force , the Energy that permeates our Being .

Or could I say God Force ?

Yes , I can .

And can I call this pervading force Sexual Energy ?


 Sexual energy is the basis of LIFE .

Every BEING is penetrated by Sexual Energy .

We might call it Orgon Energy ,  Chi , Kundalini energy or Life force .

Or the Energy that created us .

Through the sexual act , we were created and it is this very energy that continues to permeate our bodies as long as we walk this planet . We can easily say we are Em bodied Sex Energy , when we walk , while we eat  and of course as we make love .

So , how can I allow this energy to flow and circulate freely within me , without any restriction ?

Whenever we  block it , something feels uncomfortable , we become stiff , or ill or look very  unattractive …

In the way we can handle this amount of energy with awareness and our breath , which is the vital instrument for integration, we can handle LIFE itself .

If wa can not breathe , we can not live .

And when we say Yes to this energy we are accompanied with a magnetic radiance , a sparkling presence or a bright  Aura  .

This is our light ,being broadcast into every day life .

Who or what is this Light ?

It is Everything , all that GOD is  . And the more we say Yes to all of us, the more Spirit / God can expand , talk , love through us .

The Indian mystic Osho  said , that meditation must have been discovered through sex .

In this orgasmic state we are free from time ,from hunger , from fear .

Our divinity has been stimulated and we had a tiny little glimpse of who we are . And again , in the way we can breathe, also while having sex , in this way we can handle the big stage of life .

How can I allow this energy to be  ?

And how can I realize that all of this energy is also ” God consciousness ” coming to life through and as ME ?

 With my BREATH and by connecting my genitals towards my heart .

My breath is what says Yes to this force , to my feelings and my desires . It is the breath that is riding this wave of Life with me , enabling myself to be present in my fullest version .

And  the root of this turbulence is to be found in my DESIRE .

My Desire for connection,for intimacy , to be seen or to give love .

DE SIRE , coming from THE SIRE , my source showing me where to find MORE of ME !

Where does this hot stream pulsate  ?

In the genitals .

It is all about COMMUNION , coming into union with what once was split .




Sexuality & Spirituality have always been one . Eros and Spirit belong together , as Platon said , Eros is the God who brings the creative mind into Being .

How much are we going to allow this energy to flow through us?

Are we willing to drop the believes that hinder us from experiencing Source , Spirit , God and basically OURSELF ?

How much are You willing to BREATHE today ?

with love