I love my watch  . Every time I look at my wrist it leaves me a bit puzzled and than peaceful . She doesn’t have a face ,only a frame with the empty space inside. This silent reminder brings me into loving presence , slow down babe there is no need to run . In that spacy world time does not exist , you can be at different places at the same time , have a multidimensional consciousness ( and orgasms ), instant manifestations and no driving force is breathing down your neck to push you into productivity . Yes , that sounds good , actually it sounds a bit like my own world ..when I remember   there is nothing I really have to do . Just a big play , set into a frame , brought into a certain timeline  and enwrought with life and most of all my own choices . So, our very own film , and it is so much more fun if we join the piece  with a good bunch of willingness to make the good stuff happen . And now and then (very often) I ask myself why the heck did I choose this idiot to come across my play ? Ah , and than I remember  my dominant vibration  at that particular time , I forgive him , I forgive myself for not seeing the solution and when I get that , than I can say thank you . Also to the idiot .

There is one quote by Byron Katie , she says

The worst thing that can happen is, that you think about me what i think about myself .

Yes, and it’s first our thought and than the actors respond . Good to know that .

Au revoir & Namasté