Divine Rage

” The flame that you are burns eternally and no matter how bright you allow yourself to become , it will never go out…”

And if you don’t set proper boundaries that  allow you to follow your personal flame of excitement , you’ll freak out and store tombs of anger in the depths of your body -bones and heart . No silent sitting / observing and affirming Meditation will get you out of  there.  Either you allow yourself to go with your desires , that’s why you are angry in first place you chose the non deserving victim  , or you release the negative emotions . God bless cathartic Meditations . How sweet and true the love is that we experience after we  cry our tears and let the curses flow . May the drama pass by and the light of alertness  sort out our painful memories and bring us on an authentic and natural way towards the line with our source . If we skip the step , our actions and words will be fake , and make us even more angry as we don’t get anywhere near our flame of light  . All that  mindful practise and I am still pissed off !

There is the King of all guides, the big time Guru named ” Emotion ” .The ultimate Master of guidance . Ask Him or Her ,how does it feel doing what you are aiming to do , now in this moment ? Do you feel a tingling in your guts when you think about going there, wearing this, watching that , meeting with , eating that ? You don’t feel excited  ?  Then for god’s sake have the balls to take the option that feels best . Why ? Because it is the home of source , Love , God that speaks to us through the frequency of passion and excitement.  It is time to answer the call of joy and ride the wave of fun, everything less than contentment and passion is a waste of energy and sucks the life out of us . Except we see it as a stepping stone or a mindful meditation,if so let’s go and have some fun punching  pillows  before work , get our self to dance like a freak and speak out the words we are usually not daring to say . And after that the Good Mornig , Ooom and Yes will eventually become authentic and loving our neighbour as ourself will finally make sense and could be very sweet…

Au revoir & Namasté