Red Shoes

And so dance, and dance, and dance, she did. Over highest hills and through the valleys, in the rain and in the snow and in the sunlight, she danced. She danced in the darkest night and through sunrise and she was still dancing in twilight as well. But it was not good dancing. It was terrible dancing, and there was no rest for her.

 ” You shall dance in your red shoes until you become like a wraith, like a ghost, till your skin hangs from your boned, till there is nothing left of you but entrails dancing. You shall dance door to door all through all the villages and you shall strike each door three times and when people peer out they will see you and fear your fate for themselves. Dance red shoes, you shall dance.”

“Please!” she begged the executioner as she danced by his door. “Please cut off my shoes to free me from this horrid fate.” And the executioner cut through the straps of the red shoes with his ax. But still the shoes stayed
on her feet. And so she cried to him that her life was worth nothing and that he should cut off her feet. So he cut off her feet. And the red shoes with the feet in them kept on dancing through the forest and over the hill and out of sight. And now the girl was …

no poor cripple at all ! She found her own way in the world and from that day on she only wore shoes that were handmade for her  and never ever again wished for pairs of someone else .

Au Revoir & Namasté