Day One of  Blogging365 . A dose of Enlightenment  every day , how much can I handle?

My morning started out of  a very , very dark space . I had no choice than to launch this project, in order to survive . Now that’s very dramatic . In deed, a  commitment to my creativity and to get the drama out of my blood, onto  screen , canvas, stages , a release into the creative flow. Basically posting to survive . Every day a new pic  , a new vibration riding a new story . Creativity is saving my Ass , haleluja.

Throughout my life  I compared to those who felt less , thinking I was wrong .  I was a  wild untaimed horse, yearning for my flock, or as the ugly duckling convinced of its wrongness. I  learned to be my own horse whisperer ,and to listen to  the storm inside , to  breathe , schout and howl with it . I purchased my ticket into the wild , and dare every day anew to be alive .

May the ugly creature inside of us realize it is a beautiful swan…

He did not know the name of those birds or where they were going, and yet he felt that he loved them as he had never loved any other creatures. He did not envy them. It did not even occur to him to wish that he were so handsome himself.

My morning pic,  ” Hope”


Au Revoir & Namasté