Orgasmic TANGO

If you would  ask me what activity I  can perform at any time regardless of being tired, sick , angry or happy , I ‘ll say  it is dancing! I am pretty much sure that I will leave this body one day while  either shaking it to the heavens or whirling my soul into the all-embracing stream of consciousness . But that’s not the point now. I am sincerely on fire due to miss – interpretation  & understanding of Men & Women .

When I hear music that really gets me , I am illuminated ! As if someone has pushed a button in my genitals and the energy expended  through all possible venues  , and oh yes there are many pathways willing and open to broadcast my interpretation , my feelings of  the sound of music my soul is singing .

I never had to learn ” to dance ” .  Expressing feelings & emotions  through my body , was  always the most easiest thing to do . An open accessible gateway  from soul to body . No one tought me how to feel and express music ,whoever tried , I didn’t get it anyway  . Just as  in tango , I took one class , never signed up for an ongoing course . I  threw myself into the dance gatherings, had some private lessons and a few workshops, which made me feel  more uncomfortable than satisfied. In short , I know that we do not have to be tought how to dance, we just have to feel the music that brings the juices into flow and watch how  the fear of expressing all that we are melts away  once we dare to feel .

Tango , is  my passion, as it is dance meditation,  dancing with drums…but Tango , oh my goodness , when I do it with a  man who knows how to approach and guide me ,how to literally take me,  I am giving my self completely to him  and Yes I  am having Sex with him . Right on the dance floor . A friend of mine once said , when I left the  floor,  that I have an imprint on my forehead saying “ Fuck me ” .

Of course I make love while dancing, what else can I do when all of me is there ? When I am in tune with my own sex energy ,  I naturally unite with my partner too , that’s just the  result of alignment with yourself  .But this kind of  expression stays on the dance floor, meaning there is no need  to continue with my partner in the bedroom  . Now that is a challenge , for  most of the Men! And that’s  what kept me again and again from living this kind of natural joy of being alive and feeling so ecstatic and fulfilled ,as I did not know how to behave and deal with the Men after ” I turned them on” and did not give, what they understood I promised ! 

They thought it to be an invitation for Sex . Germans ( I started dancing in Germany ) are more restrained  regarding feelings,  and bringing desires  into action, but the French, oh la la ….When I danced the first time in Paris with a Man , and said merci afterwards and au revoir ,  he reacted so puzzled and offended that I withdrew myself for month from the tango scene and suppressed my desire to dance, as I did not know who to be & what not to be and do . And yes, I thought I am doing something wrong ,too much of   expression, too emotional, that I have to deliver what I inspire them to desire ,once  I dare to be so sensual & sexy .

I am enjoying the beautiful weather in Paris and the Tango Milongas outside, in front of the Eiffel Tower or at the Quai de la Seine and I am dancing my ass on & off. Oh, how I love it when I have a skilled Partner who knows  how to guide me , who knows to be the horse whisperer , holding a space in which I can express with all that is me,one  who can handle my sexual energy .  Once a Man in Berlin, with whom I was dancing  in great union ( he was actually a German, in his fifties and full of strength and skill ) ,   knew exactly how to deal with Me  . After a few dances he suggested that we get married as we function so well with each other . I declined as all the other invitations of his precursors and followers, they felt rejected and I moved on  making my way alone from Milonga to Milonga and enjoying only a few dances with these great Guys , asking myself what  I  was doing wrong .

My dear Men,( and  at least one woman ) I love to dance with you ! I love the way you hold me tight and rejoice with me in my sexuality . I adore you for giving me the freedom to express myself how I feel it to be . And I want you to know that  we are having Sex ! We are uniting through a Synergistic Energy Exchange !  It is just a new kind of understanding & expressing . A subtile form of living our sexuality and a very powerful tool of bringing this energy to a level where it can  fill us up . That is the reason why I do not have to continue with you in bed to feel good , I am already full – filled ,  my juices are flowing and growing and…  integrating, union & sharing have already taken place .  I have enjoyed making love with you and  it was great !

When we feel the Oneness between us , the need for physical union becomes needless as we are already experiencing the ecstatic feeling that derives from Union . That is why Buddha was in a constant orgasm , he got the connection  constantly going on ,with all of us ,  a Buddha is always plugged in .But  of course it’s  great to remember the bond through conscious  practise and just for the pleasure of it, but thats another pair of shoes …

I am looking forward to create my tantric Tango workshops and  to share my approach of dance with  all of you , bringing your fluids into fluition and inspire you to express your feelings, to  enjoy , sense & feel each other, just for the sake of the  magical satisfaction of the  orgasmic Dance .

Au revoir & Namasté

Sandra Kokic