I recently had a sexual healing session  with a Tantric Sex Guru via skype that lasted about six hours .  I learned a lot from one of his students , a woman who did sexual healing work  with Men .  I heard  that this Man can make you come without even being present in the same room,   deep, full body orgasms , one after another.. .only through the energetic presence that is build up between you. Nothing has to be inside of you , no one has to play with your clitoris .

It  is all about energies, all about feeling   the liveliness that builds itself  up inside of your body .Through  the experience of  orgasms that involve the whole of your being , not only the genital body area, stuck resistance  is melt down  and  negative, locked emotions are transformed into a flowing stream of passion, life energy , love  & joy  .The more you practise that ecstatic state the more you come to realize the inner booster that is dwelling inside of you ,waiting to spread itself out into every fibre of your being and literally bringing your juices into full fluency.

Of course I wanted to experience these orgasms , but I only booked a personal analysis session based on a concept of Spirituality & Science , called Human Design . Though I knew intuitively it will continue further, but I did not imagine that I would be gifted with  4 and half hours of moaning, breathing, rejoicing and crying  ..

And yet, I could have been breathing deeper, moaning louder and whining more expressively,  but I did not . Because of the mother that was speaking in my head and residing in my womb . Cause of the stories  I was projecting onto the woman who let me a room in her house and who was lurking around .Whenever I would “feel” very intense , my mind immediately popped into the experience reminding me to shut up.  After my first Orgasm I relaxed much more and previous concerns left me. And at that point I connected with my emotions, my pain and my anger .One Orgasm than crying , being angry , Orgasm and an ongoing twitching of my body that even continued into the next day. In the end I was a twitching & giggling clump lying on the bed.

” You see ” , said the Tantric Master, ” how you are still carrying your mother in the belly , not allowing yourself to live in your fullness only because she did not do so ? Life is offering you a gift and you are still concerned about what your mother is going to say when she hears you enjoying sex… that is simply missing life .. ”

I was even willing to cancel the session after two hours because I could not relax with the voices in my head, that the Lady could hear me . I rented a room from an older woman  , and I realized how many stories, mother stories I projected onto her but I was not aware that I was willing to deny my sexuality out of loyalty  . And that was the golden thread in my life story . To deny life out of loyalty to the woman who gave birth to me and sacrificed all of her pleasures.  The so-called mother wound . Children keeping themselves small to not risk any enviousness and resentment of their mothers.  Unless we heal it , realize the stories and deliberately choose new ones , all abundance will simply be repelled when knocking at our door..

Life gave me the opportunity for grieving . Where else can we connect with our emotions in such a profound way than in our sexuality ? I touched upon the overwhelmed inner child, her powerlessness, her fear and tremendous anger , the divine rage that wants to be heard . In love-making, sexual intercourse we have the ability to transform our negative emotions into a colourful bouquet of enchanting scented flowers . We can truly become a vibrant rainbow . The Man’s Penis is the magical transformer , the head of the Penis burns the tension, the pain, the anger stored in the womb, and reveals an amount of love that therefore nourishes his own heart . In that sence the cycle of Ying & Yang becomes complete .

Women are carrying a psychological wound in the depths of their vaginas .Guilt and Shame  stored in the hidden chamber down under fertilized with rage and negative energies infused through Men that have been deprived of their masculinity  , first from their mother and then  their wifes . That is the anger we could feel if we are sensitive enough.  When Men would allow themselves to feel their penis during sex , they would feel all of their  suppressed emotions, and they could transform them as well through their breath and the woman’s love . Unless that awareness takes place we  can never be ” filled up” with restoring energy.  The woman will receive an unconscious Penis that is simply pouring its own tension into her womb . A Penis that fucks its own mother who cutt off his balls.  Men are carrying the wound in their hearts .The wound of not being allowed to feel, not being allowed to cry. Woman’s nature is to love, to share the love out of her heart, Man’s nature is to share his Manhood through the potency of his sex organ . That’s how we are perfectly created to heal & restore each other. To fill us up . To beam again . That is the true meaning of  faire  de l ‘ amour .

The Master made a vow once, that he will never let a woman leave  unless she has come to experience the fullness of her Womanhood . Unless saliva is pouring out of her , embracing the strength and divine authority of an authentic Man . He would have continued with me , but I really had to finish our ” conference” . When  I mentioned my concerns of being loud, he said I could  share with the Lady the most amazing sexual experience of my life and she would maybe rejoice with me and we would end up in tears together . But I was not so courageous .  I went out of my room, the Lady  sneaking outside asking me if I have at all left the house today . And I said , ” No there was no need for , I just had the most amazing sexual healing session of my life on skype , 6 hours of love making ….”

Au revoir & Namasté

Sandra Kokic